Niew Vineyards

"... drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life's most civilised pleasures ... "

We've set-off on this journey with the simple goal of being responsible custodians of land, growing happy grapes and crafting delicious wines.

Our first vintage, the 2010 from Bordeaux, has been bottled, distributed and shared. We have just found a site for a vineyard in Oregon, USA. This is with a view to growing grapes that will go into ethereal whites and ephemeral bubbles.

Farming will be organic and holistic, only because " ... the true motivation for engaging in sustainable farming practices should not be for marketing purposes, but should be only for the good of the land, for the good of those who work it and for the future generations to whom it truly belongs ... "

Please do join us on this little odyssey! Our updates are usually posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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